Transport software helping you create inclusive, healthy and connected communities

Transport software helping you create inclusive, healthy and connected communities

Trips started life 24 years ago Australia’s only dedicated community transport software.

Since then we have maintained a relentless investment in up-grading its functionality and usability. Developments include a world-first community transport specific allocation engine; MDS & ICTDS reporting; on-board vehicle capabilities and GPS tracking of vehicles.

At all times we are driven to better meet the needs of our customers as they seek to serve their communities.

Recent innovations mean that our software is now being used by councils and other transport providers around the country.

Its major benefits include

Bookings and Trips

A simple fast booking system that captures all the relevant information including client details, appointment time, pickup time, treatment type and amount asked.
At the time of the booking Trips will also calculate the time and distance for this trip.

Route Optimisation

With the same state of the art routing algorithms as multi-national courier companies we find the most efficient route between pick-up and delivery. Even allowing for multiple passengers and their destinations.
Saving everyone time and you kms travelled and per journey fuel and maintenance costs

World class auto- allocation engine

Bookings can either manually be assigned or automatically assigned using our advanced auto allocation engine. Developed specifically for community transport organisations the allocation engine can be customised to your specific requirements.

On Board Vehicle Systems

Our purpose designed on board vehicle systems allow real time updates between the office and vehicle including run list updates and vehicle position.

Comprehensive database

All relevant client, staff & volunteer, journey and vehicle information can be captured and stored by the central database. This includes information such as all relevant client departure and return times, distance travelled, vehicle maintenance and event history.
All pertinent driver and crew information fields are available in the database including community transport specific field. Driver and crew training history and any equipment issued can be tracked.

Extensive alerts

Alerts can be generated for a vast array of events, e.g. when a worker’s police check going to expire or if a client needs to be notified of a change in pick-up time. The ability is only limited by your needs.

Management, Financial & Performance Reporting

Management and financial reports, including invoices and statements, can be easily created to give your senior people real time oversight of key performance indicators. This enables them to respond to any issues as they arise and forms the basis of their monthly reporting to the Executive team.


Trips can be customised specifically to suit your organisation. By utilizing the base program we can modify or build enhancements based on your requirements enabling you to get exactly what you need to suit your organisation.

Multi Office Support

Trips is capable of supporting a single location or multiple branch offices. Our allocation system also supports vehicles stored in different locations.

Web-based for a mobile and responsive workforce

The program is fully accessible through an internet browser whether on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This gives your people access to all support and service information that they need to do their job.

MDS, ICTDS and NDIS Reporting

Trips fully supports the NSW MDS/ICTDS and national MDS reporting electronic submission specifications. Trips is also NDIS-ready.

What Our Clients Say

  • img Fantastic value – the amount of time and money we have saved is phenomenal img

    “We are a large organisation with 32 vehicles, over 100 drivers and are funded to provide 100,000 trips per annum. We service 17 different organisations over multiple sites.
    So for us, managing transport is a big deal.

    Before Trips we were using an Access database and everything was paper-based, manual and very clunky. We couldn’t have grown to our current level without it.

    Its functionality and capability is a continuous learning curve for us. After a recent training trip from Andrew we discovered a new function and are now virtually paperless.

    It is fantastic value – the amount of time and money we have saved is phenomenal. It’s so much quicker for our team which means happier clients for us and for our member organisations.

    The support from the Trips team is fantastic – they are always available, get back to us and answer any queries we have.”

    Sandra Sutherland, Transport Services Manager, Volunteering Gold Coast

  • img It meets all the government funding requirements... the support is great img

    Trips is a great system for taking and scheduling transport bookings. As a community transport organisation it is how we do our part to create more inclusive, connected communities.

    But it’s the visibility across the whole organisation that I love most. Data is updated live to all users at any site, ensuring accuracy of information sharing.

    It also handles reporting for our government funding requirements, manages our transport crew records and stores our client database and allocations securely. It is saves us a lot of time and the support is great.

    Virginia Coy, Manager, Community Transport Ryde Hunters Hill

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