Trips – transport software that saves at least 31% of your back-office staff time*

Community transport organisations and councils are under relentless pressure to do more with less. Moves to user pays funding; cuts in government programmes; escalating un-met transport needs in the community – all mean that the way transport organisations work must change

Rises in competitive threats and a move towards on-demand transport means if you don’t respond, others will.

Finally, increasing levels of government compliance and reporting means that if you get it wrong – you don’t get paid.

All the while, your clients still need to get out and access community services and meet other people.Trips software saves organisations like yours a huge amount of time – at least 31% of back-office staff time *– freeing them up to focus on other high value tasks.

Its industry-leading routing and allocation functionality also saves significant amounts of money – kilometres travelled, fuel costs and per journey maintenance costs.

* Community transport organisations and councils save at least 31% of back-office staff time when they move to Trips – based on our internal survey results

Helping you create inclusive, healthy and connected communities

Transport is critical to enable society’s more isolated and vulnerable members to participate in our communities. To get the support and care they need and to help them live happier, more fulfilling lives.

The more efficient and effective your transport system, the better you will be able to service your clients. Trips helps you do that – in less staff time and with lower transport costs.

Ads it does for over 140 organisations around the country

  • All your booking and scheduling requirements in one simple, easy to use platform
  • Keeps the government happy and your money flowing in with NDIS
  • MDS and ICTDS reporting
  • All your relevant client, staff and vehicle information in one central real-time database
  • On-board vehicle capabilities enabling you to make real-time last minute changes to the route and client pick-up
  • Mobile – operate from anywhere giving multi-site and staff flexibility
  • Visibility of all trips, clients and vehicles in one central location
  • Remarkably affordable

What Our Clients Say

  • img Fantastic value – the amount of time and money we have saved is phenomenal img

    “We are a large organisation with 32 vehicles, over 100 drivers and are funded to provide 100,000 trips per annum. We service 17 different organisations over multiple sites.
    So for us, managing transport is a big deal.

    Before Trips we were using an Access database and everything was paper-based, manual and very clunky. We couldn’t have grown to our current level without it.

    Its functionality and capability is a continuous learning curve for us. After a recent training trip from Andrew we discovered a new function and are now virtually paperless.

    It is fantastic value – the amount of time and money we have saved is phenomenal. It’s so much quicker for our team which means happier clients for us and for our member organisations.

    The support from the Trips team is fantastic – they are always available, get back to us and answer any queries we have.”

    Sandra Sutherland, Transport Services Manager, Volunteering Gold Coast

  • img It meets all the government funding requirements... the support is great img

    Trips is a great system for taking and scheduling transport bookings. As a community transport organisation it is how we do our part to create more inclusive, connected communities.

    But it’s the visibility across the whole organisation that I love most. Data is updated live to all users at any site, ensuring accuracy of information sharing.

    It also handles reporting for our government funding requirements, manages our transport crew records and stores our client database and allocations securely. It is saves us a lot of time and the support is great.

    Virginia Coy, Manager, Community Transport Ryde Hunters Hill

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