Our Origins

Trips was first developed in 1993 to support the transport management of the Home & Community Care sectors. Over the years there have been extensive enhancements to the software:

  • Inclusion of patient details.
  • On Board Vehicle functionality to send transport information – including vehicle start and end job time passenger pickup and delivery time, and individual passenger kilometres – back to the enterprise database.
  • Google maps integration.
  • State of the art routing as used by national couriers

Throughout this there have been three core principles guiding our software development:

  • Easy to Use
    People in the caring industries are drawn to it by their desire to help and a strong sense of compassion. They want to support their clients. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for you to use the tools you need to do that.
  • Flexible
    That the software can be as adapted to the unique requirements of any organisation. In this day and age that has translated to being cloud-based. So your team can use it anywhere they have mobile reception.
  • Doing more of your work automatically
    The purpose of our software is to make the administrative, compliance and management tasks of service delivery as simple as possible. Where we can we automate them. So that your people can spend more time with your clients.

Our Values

Deliver more than we promise

We are committed to going the extra mile for our clients and each other – so that we can truly support and help.

We own our actions

We take full responsibility for what we do. Integrity, honesty and accountability are at the core of how we are.

Focussed on excellence

We have fixation on innovation, learning and continuous improvement. Because it’s fun, we enjoy our work and it delivers our client’s success.

Respond Fast

We respond fast to enquiries, own them and fix them. Critical to that is open and rapid communication – letting everyone know what’s going on.

It’s about the client

We take time to understand their needs and design the best answer to their problems.

Your Team

Your team are focused on two things: serving you and a relentless focus on continuous improvement – making Trips ever easier to use and improving its capability and functionality.

Sales Team

– your first port of call at Trips, out team conducts an in depth needs analysis with you, demonstrates the software to show you how it can best serve your needs.

Implementation Team

– oversees the implementation of the software into your organisation. Taking your specific requirements and translating it into directions for the developers. And then making sure they are met.

Training Team

– provides customised on-site training and consulting depending on your business requirements.

Customer Support Team

– provides full-time support for Trips clients. Talk direct to one of our friendly help desk technicians or send us an email.

Development Team

– are the developers taking your requirements and making them happen. Then in their spare time they create the future state of Trips.

What Our Clients Say

  • img Fantastic value – the amount of time and money we have saved is phenomenal img

    “We are a large organisation with 32 vehicles, over 100 drivers and are funded to provide 100,000 trips per annum. We service 17 different organisations over multiple sites.
    So for us, managing transport is a big deal.

    Before Trips we were using an Access database and everything was paper-based, manual and very clunky. We couldn’t have grown to our current level without it.

    Its functionality and capability is a continuous learning curve for us. After a recent training trip from Andrew we discovered a new function and are now virtually paperless.

    It is fantastic value – the amount of time and money we have saved is phenomenal. It’s so much quicker for our team which means happier clients for us and for our member organisations.

    The support from the Trips team is fantastic – they are always available, get back to us and answer any queries we have.”

    Sandra Sutherland, Transport Services Manager, Volunteering Gold Coast

  • img It meets all the government funding requirements... the support is great img

    Trips is a great system for taking and scheduling transport bookings. As a community transport organisation it is how we do our part to create more inclusive, connected communities.

    But it’s the visibility across the whole organisation that I love most. Data is updated live to all users at any site, ensuring accuracy of information sharing.

    It also handles reporting for our government funding requirements, manages our transport crew records and stores our client database and allocations securely. It is saves us a lot of time and the support is great.

    Virginia Coy, Manager, Community Transport Ryde Hunters Hill