New website and Trips


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, as well as a number of new Trips features.

At Trips, one of our core focuses is continuous improvement. Through our constant innovations and passion for making our community transport software as useful and easy to use as possible, we continue to help Australia’s community care industries save time and money through our software.

Our new website comes with the exciting launch of a range of new Trips features.

New web-based platform

  • New Dispatch Screen
  • Single sign-on support for Microsoft 365 and Google accounts
  • Automatic on-time monitoring with automated late messaging for Clients
  • Real time traffic display and vehicle position
  • Integrated SMS, voice or in-app messaging, including support for direct dialling for soft phones via the web browser

Easy record access

  • Single-click links to comprehensive client, driver and vehicle records
    • Attach documents
    • Driver availability
    • Vehicle maintenance alerts and history
    • Client funding tracking and expiry dates

Trips automation algorithm

  • Equipped with AI to predict travel time during peak and off-peak hours considering multiple factors such as departure time, vehicle requirements, region and driver’s capabilities.
  • Real time monitoring, including current journey status, on time, early, late or on break.
  • Recommended vehicle for last minute or on demand allocations
  • Comprehensive space types and preferences to ensure clients are assigned appropriately
  • Options to minimise vehicle use or maximise clients served, peak and off-peak times, and other optimisation parameters
  • As the algorithm is developed in house by the Trips development team, further customisations and parameters can be added based on your feedback.

Driver app

  • Available in the Apple and Google app stores, supports mobile phones or tablets
  • Designed to be as easy and simple to use as possible
  • Pre and post departure checklists and driver feedback
  • Update notifications with sound
  • Google maps integration for driver navigation and real time traffic alerts
  • Easily add additional stops via driver app
  • Pick up all and drop of all buttons for group transport
  • Undo buttons for drivers to correct mistakes
  • In-app office messaging
  • Incident reporting
  • Automatic verifications
  • Coming soon: driver availability and leave requests, mobile payments, fixed route mode, vehicle telematics, personnel, and organisational document access

Client app

  • Launching in September
  • On-demand or future booking client mobile and web app
  • Display your organisation’s logo and name in the app
  • View upcoming outings and Trip history
  • Make bookings based on your organisation’s booking rules
  • View driver location
  • In app notifications and alerts
  • Automatic Fee Rules applied by Client Funding Type
  • Payments accepted via your preferred payment gateway or stripe
  • Booking allocated either automatically or manually, with a suggested vehicle/driver

Want to try the new Trips features for yourself? Book a demonstration.